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Perforated soldering pad

Hi all,

I saw an article in the lapidary journal the other day in which the
jewelry artist was using a perforated soldering pad to hold the
pieces of silver to be soldered. She put little pins into the holes.
This looked like an answer to my problem of soldering small odd
shaped pieces together without them moving all around. But, I
haven’t been able to locate a supplier. Anyone know where to buy


Hi Rocky,

But, I haven't been able to locate a supplier. Anyone know where to
buy one? 

If the one you’re describing is the one I think it is, look at page
380, item ‘C’ in 2006-2007 Rio Grande catalog.

They list a 713/16" x 5 1/2" x 1/2" block for $11.50.

Another item that works very well for the job you’re describing is a
magnesia firebrick, also called a silversmiths firebrick. These are
soft enough to push pins in any place you want, but hard enough to
stand up to years of service. If your jewelers supply doesn’t stock
them, check out a home supply or a brickyard. One brickyard that I
know has them is the Phoenix Brickyard ( They’re
not listed on the site, but if you contact them they’ll ship them to

Usual disclaimers, just a satisfied customer…


Rio carrys them in their tool catalog on page 380. They only cost a
arround $12.00USD.

Phillip Scott
Technical Support
Rio Grande

Here’s one, I’m sure other suppliers have them, too:
Product id 8209


Perforated soldering pad a.k.a. honey comb soldering pad. You can
find them pretty much through any supplier. I go through Contenti for


The ceramic pad you want is the burner pad or plate used on a
infrared heater on top of the propane tanks. Anybody that sells them
and parts probably sell the plates. CR Hill in Berkley Michigan sell
them. As they are in the Grobet dealers catalog. 1-800-521-1221
Honeycomb Design Ceramic soldering blocks 54.215 3 3/4"x5 1/2" and
54.216 5 1/2"x7 3/4" the Tstyle pins works well in it.

Got one and use it all the time!


they sell them at rio… rio is the most reliable and has the best
material and the most helpful


Hello Orchidians,

Using the soft kiln bricks has already been mentioned, but I’ll add
that a box of STAINLESS steel sewing or dressmaker pins will be most
useful. My mentor, James Cook, taught me that trick.

The straight pins can be bent into an “L” or upside-down “J” with
pliers, then holding the pin with needlenose pliers, you can stick
the sharp end into the brick and firmly push it down until the head
of the pin is securing your piece in place. If you must move the pin,
plan on placing it into another spot on the brick. The pins can be
re-used several times. Be sure to buy stainless steel.

When the soldering surface of the brick gets glazed over from flux
spray, take it out to a flat concrete surface and rub it in circles.
Removes the glaze and gives you a fresh surface… or use a hack saw
and cut/“slice” 10mm or so off.

Judy in Kansas got them. They are great, and dont get

Different sizes. Their webshop is not ready yet…comes in 2007.



You can find them at Santa Fe Jewelry supply at 505-988-9157 or on
the web at

good luck