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Perfect Tube measuring and holding tool

tool that allows you to measure and hold the tube for cutting?

christine - the easiest method is with a wood dowel, a divider, and
a $2 small pipe cutter from a hardware store. the dowel should fit
into the tube without forcing. the pipe cutter cuts tubing down to 4
mm or less.

put dowel in tube, use the divider to mark off each measurement with
a scratch.

unscrew the cutter’s wheel enough to fit the tube & dowel onto the
bottom rollers.

line up the first scratch with the cutting wheel & slowly tighten
the knob until it barely touches the tube.

rotate the tube on the dowel until the wheel cuts a line all around
the tube.

slowly continue to tighten the wheel & rotate the tube until the
wheel has cut off a section. leave cut of tube sections on dowel
until all sections are cut. (the dowel keeps the tube in round
shape, prevents denting, enables even short tubes to be cut by
acting as an extension to grip and rotate)

continue along the tube to the next scratch - do i need to repeat
any steps people? *the ends of each section will be slightly
indented from the pressure needed to cut through the tube so simply
tap a metal something or other that’s the correct diameter into tube
to make it back to the original diameter.

this technique produces uniform size sections of tube with perfect
edges - the sections can even be polished on the dowel if needed.
remove any sticky section by cutting or sawing dowel next to one
edge of ‘stickee’ and gently pulling - if that doesn’t free, it
drill a large hole into middle of dowel end & gently pull. a regular
size pipe cutter can be bought for larger diameter tube sections.

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