PEPE Stake Set

Hello All,

I am looking to purchase a stake that I lost for my PEPE Planishing
Set #265.50 and the part #265.04 Round Dome Top. If anyone has one
or knows where I could get one, please let me know I would be most

Now a warning I didn’t think getting this replacement part would be
a problem to replace since Santa Fe had it in their catalog, however
they informed me that the part had been discontinued. I then tried
Rio who were most helpful and said they would ask the buyer and get
back to me. In the meantime, I contacted PEPE Tools directly and I
was told that they would not sell me the piece directly, but would
sell it to a supplier of my chose and then I could purchase it from
them. Which I had no problem with since that is what I had planed on
doing anyway, I just wanted to speed up the process.

Here comes the warning PEPE Tools then contacted me and said that
they no longer offer any of the pieces from their sets individually,
but only sell it by the set. The same answer I later received from
Rio. My response to PEPE was then I must purchase a new set to
replace the piece I had lost, a 7 dollar piece according to the
Santa Fe catalog. The answer I received was yes.

I have a Dixon domed top stake, which means I really do not need the
PEPE Stake other then to complete my set and a matter of principle
now. However, the shank on the Dixon and all my other stakes are
square and fit the regular stake holder’s sold by everyone else with
the square holes. The PEPE Stake Set is made with round shanks that
only fit into their round stakeholders, which I might add have a lot
of bounce as the set screw loosens. And you cannot fit a square peg
into a round hole meaning that I have to keep repositioning myself
to use the domed stake.

So my advise to anyone looking to purchase a stake set is to stay
away from any PEPE Stake Set and invest your money in purchasing a
Grobet or any other brand square shank stake or set that will fit a
universal stake holder. Because apparently if you lose, damage
beyond repair, or a stake gets feet and walks away there is no way
you will be able to get a replacement other then milling it
yourself, having someone machine it for you or buy another $275.00

Thanks in Advance for any info,

I have looked at many of the PEPE Tools and as far as I can see they
are always an inferior copy of a better tool that is available from
a different source. They are cheap, but in tools more often than not
you get what you pay for. If they will not sell replacements then
there is even less reason to buy them.


I hope that your post of this story will make others on Orchid think
twice before buying a PEPE stake set, and that it costs PEPE much
more than selling you the single stake. This is a large part of the
value which I see in Orchid…the COMMUNITY (almost family.) Thank
you, Hanuman.

David Barzilay. Lord of the Rings

p.s. I think it would be great if someone forwarded this to PEPE
Tools (I cannot find their e-mail address.)