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Pepe rolling mill broke

Hi people,
Looks like my rolling mill broke down. I was rolling some piece of brass 5 mm thick - newer rolled such a thick thing before. Somewhere in the middle i heard a metal click and upper roller stopped rotating. Any ideas is it possible to fix? The mill was relatively cheap - small Pepe model. I feel so unhappy.
Please advise if possible.

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I would think that the key or key-way used to link the gearwheel to the axle has broken. A local machine shop can probably fix it quite cheaply.

If it’s really just a broken key (or, more likely a shear pin), then you probably don’t need a machine shop to fix it. You just need to disassemble it and replace the broken part - here’s a replacement shear pin for the old-style Pepe mills:

If yours is different, I’m sure there are also replacements available for the new style.

It is a gear tooth oh how you call it. Take a look at the photo

You may just have opened the rollers up too far. Easy to fix. May need to take it apart but Try to close the
rollers see if that gets it back. There are several you tube videos on realigning the rollers.

The other thing is that the less expensive mills and smaller ones have issues with doing thick stock. The gears aren’t breaking, it’s very possible they are just stuck unless you were turningit like the hulk. Try backing the piece out while playing with the handle. Mine will only mill thinner stock. I have to forge it thin enough to start or pour ingots that are thinner to start. My guess is it’s jammed. Can you open the rollers more and get your stock out? If so then try bringing the rollers together and try turning the handle. If you’ve done that thick of stock before disregard this and carry on. They do have limitations. I’d it’s too thick the mill skips when the teeth of the gears are so far away from each other until it just jams off you go wider than its limit. SD

I already took the piece out. I disasembled the mill, and indeed - i see that one of the gears has a broken tooth. Or i think so. I called up to the Pepe tools, and they sent me another gear. Hope i will be able to fix it.

So, you are the hulk?

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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