Penny brite

I am prepping some copper to etch and it has been suggested that I
use penny brite so I have good tooth to adhere the ironed on
picture. Neither home depot, lowes, nor ace hardware handles this. I
can order online, tho. Is this the only best prep or could there be
something else I may already have?

thank you,

I use Bar Keepers Friend cleanser with a kitchen scrubby pad.

Janet Kofoed

could there be something else I may already have? 

Salt & vinegar?

Paf Dvorak

enameling suppliers…Thompsons or Shaffer. I believe will have

Barkeepers Friend or CleanKing are also good products for this.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

To clean copper: Mix equal parts salt and white vinegar. Add enough
flour to make a paste. Smear onto the copper. Wait 15 minutes. Rinse
it off. Repeat if needed. Scrub if needed.

I happened to have acetic acid. The batch I made with that works in
5 minutes.

To clean copper, simply use ketchup. Cleaning pennies with kids is a
neat trick that they love.