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[Pennsylvania] Looking for an apprenticeship

I am looking for an apprenticeship with a jeweler in the
Lancaster/Lititz, Pennsylvania area to begin in August or
thereabouts. I am looking for a one to two year commitment. I will
be getting ongoing training on a couple of weekends and through
Blaine Lewis’s “Classroom in a Box” on bezel and flush setting.

I have more than a year of retail experience in a small jewelry store
(1 bench jeweler). I’ll be attending the North Bennet Street School
for a couple of weeks in July to get a solid start in soldering and
filing. I have my own bench and tools. My partner will be attending
Watchmaking school in that area and we are moving in early August.

I’m enthusiastic, reliable and honest. Just ask my parole officer,
just kidding–I have a sense of humor too. I understand that I will
be working for very little money in order to learn.

Please e-mail me if you might be interested or know someone who is,
or please pass this message along to somene who is looking for good
help that will only get better.

Thanks in adavance, Genevieve @Genevieve