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I have had a couple of requests for dowsing pendulums, silver or
brass bob or pendulum with sterling chain and semi-precious stones. A
easy thing to do, but for one problem. Where can I find small bobs or
pendulums? Everything I find on the net is for surveying uses, being
rather large and heavy. What I need should be 1 inch or less in



Metaliferrous out of New York City has what you’re looking for in
their brass catalog, most under a dollar, several doz. styles.
Telephone: (212) 944-0644.

Hi Charlie- Metalliferous in NY has a nice selection of brass drops,
lots of which are suitable for pendulums.

-Anita Cluett

Hi Charlie,

I entered “penulum dowsing catalogue” at and got a
miriad of websites offering pendulums like What I have done, is make my own
out of wax and cast. You can even make them with screw-on lids, any
simmetric cylindrical shape will do, the standard is drop-shaped and
add stones where they will fit. Have fun!