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Pendant on omega chain

I need to make a setting to be worn on an omega chain. It is
supposed to be removable. The first thing that comes to mind would
be to make the bail quite large so as to slide over the clasp
mechanism to be removed. I don’t like the look of this and I’m just
not up on what is being done. Is a special finding being sold as a
ready made bail for the omega chain slide? I sure feel behind on
things not knowing this. Can you folks in the land of Orchid "bail"
me out here?


Hi Net,

Tripps (800-545-7962, www.tripps,com) have a product called a Dangle
Claps Bail. It’s similar to a lever back earring mount but is
proportioned for pendants. Other mfgs probably have them as well.


Check your supplier for ‘pearl enhancer’ bales. They may not be the
correct shape, but they might give you ideas… :slight_smile: karen in

Hello Net… We have made hinged pieces that snap over chain that have
been on QVC and a few other channels. Give me a call and I will
explain how it can be done.

Daniel Grandi

Hi there, I usually make these myself and am not immediately aware of
any “store-bought” styles specifically for Omegas. However you may
wish to consider a pearl enhancer, especially for a 4mm Omega. Good

If you are looking for a ready made component, check out the pearl
enhancer lines. They come large enough to fit the clasp thru as well
as having a clasped hinge type. Stuller’s findings book has at least
3 pages of enhancers to chose from.


I had a similar problem and solved it by making a bail in the back of
the piece that slipped over the chain; I made a u-shaped bail that
wasn’t seen from the front of the piece and slipped over the chain ,
it is held in place by the weight of the piece it’s self. This is
similar to a money clip, but not as tight. I hope this works for you.

Roxan O’Brien

Hello, A great pendant loop for use on a omega chain is the type
known as an enhancer. They are hinged and generally seen snapping over
pearls. Have a good day. Tom Arnold