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Pendant making


I am new here. I joined because I was recently given a loose
sapphire as a gift from a very dear and close friend. Its 2.19
carats, untreated, and from Montana. I would like to have it made
into a pendant but am unsure where to start. I do know I prefer white
gold or silver to yellow gold and would like some small accent
diamonds added, perhaps in a triangle shape at the top. I’d
appreciate any advice or guidance. Mu budget is not too large but I
want to make sure it’s done right!

Here are links to some photos of my stone.

Thank you! I’ve already learned a lot by lurking and reading. :slight_smile:


Dear Sue, I also started with a gift, a friend gave me a matched
pair of Mystic Topaz’s. I found right off the bat, and
havestayed with them. I set one in a ring that I wear all the time,
and the other in a pendant I have only worn a few time. It is a
lessonI have learned and never forgotten. Mystic’s have a titanium
backing, and it wears off, the two stones are no longer the same.

Since I was blessed with free stones, and have taken it to heart, I
now make sure that I give starter stones, and also my source lists
too. Love to share.

Welcome, blessings pat