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Pen Plating Gold Cyanide Safety

Hi folks,

I cast bronze, both natural and white bronze, and want to use a pen plating system to apply gold highlights on my pieces.

What sort of safety considerations should I follow if I use cyanide based plating solutions? I don’t particularly want to poison myself!

Will acid based solutions plate effectively on bronze?

Thanks for your advice.


Wear gloves, wash your hands, don’t drink it. Midas® 14K Yellow Gold Pen-Plating Solution, Cyanide-Based MSDS - RioGrande I use cyanide pen plating solutions frequently. Never an issue.

First you need to either nickel plate it or palladium pen plate then do the gold over that… If you do not the copper in the metal will work it’s way to the surface and discolor the gold.
You have to do the same with sterling silver.