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Peer Review wanted for Rhino plug-in

I wish to thank all the people that have posted about CAD CAM in the
past. I have been lurking in this group for a while now, and this is
my first post.

I wrote a Rhino plug-in that creates 3 stone settings with a trellis
(crossover/truffle/X?) design on the prongs. The software accepts 20
different input parameters to create the finished model.

My experience with jewelry design is very limited, and I was hoping
that a few people could look over the software and the model to make
sure that it creates a correct design of a ring.

The model itself is fine, it will join and union (manually for now)
to make a single closed polysurface, ready to create a stl file. What
I need most is a few jewelry design questions answered.

I intend on having a wax model created using the sanders process,
then a have a casting house cast the setting.

Questions about setting diamonds in general:

1.) I am using a 1/3 rd notching or nudge distance, is this correct?
In others words I am placing the prongs so they can be notched .43
mm with a 1.3mm prong diameter.

2.) How much does the setting shrink after casting and polishing
from original model? 14kt Gold?, Platinum?

3.) How often does the diamond sit on the bezel ring? Or does it
ever? If so what minimum distance would you space the diamond
pavilion from the top of the bezel ring?

4.) Would one just always pre notch the prongs, why?, why not?

Questions about the default ring in the plug in:

5.) Will this setting safely hold the diamonds. I am pretty
confident it will, be I can not be wrong!

6.) Is this mainstream simple styling? (Sorry designers, but
mainstream design is what puts bread on my table)

7.) Any questions or comments?

The plug-in and default 3dm file are at

The plug-in is buggy, non-user friendly, not a true plug in, and is
basically alpha-ware. But it works.

Paul Krush