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Pearls Attack

Simple question:

Can Attack be used on pearls? If not, what can I use to remove pearls
which have been epoxied onto studs? I tried soaking them in mineral
spirits for 24 hours, but that didn’t work.

Thanks in advance.
Sharon Ziemek

I have always used acetone, does’nt seem to hurt pearls. Also, soaking in
warm ( ( ( ( 90-95 degrees) water will loosen the epoxy as well.

Cultured pearls are unharmed by attack be sure to use a tight sealing jar-
no plastic lids.

Richard D. Hamilton, Jr

If the pearls are mounted in silver or karat gold (no white metal, no soft
solder, no gold plating) you can gently heat the pieces with a small torch
fApproved: beseder.pass lame keeping your flame far away from the pearls.
Heat will transfer to the post holding the pearl and the glue should melt.
You can gently remove them with a pair of tweezers. Sometimes pearls
might be set on a peg with a twist in it. It may be necessary to
"unscrew" the pearl from the post. Be very careful, pearls burn very
easily. Steve Brixner

Attack has always worked for me to remove pearls without damaging them.
Sometimes you have to soak the piece overnight, though. Good Luck! Wendy

Attack has always worked for me to remove pearls without damaging them. 
Sometimes you have to soak the piece overnight, though. Good Luck! Wendy

I stopped using any chemicals because very often they couldn’t penetrate
into the hole to loosen the adhesive. Now I just heat the piece and pull
the pearls off with my fingers. When I can’t get the piece hot enough
without burning the pearls, then I’ll use attack and hope it’ll work in a
week or less, but I haven’t had to use it for several years.

Jeffrey Everett

I have always thought that Attack and liquid paint stripper were
the same thing and that liquid paint stripper is cheaper. They
sure smell the same. Am I right?

Mark P.

To all,

RE: the tips on getting the pearls off. I gave up on the
mineral spirits after 4 days and finally (against my instincts
regarding heat and pearls) tried heating the posts. The pearls
came off beautifully and I didn’t even burn my fingers. I
apologize for my skepticism.

…and thanks!

Sharon Ziemek

Sharon, Heat can be used to remove the pearls, but you have to be
careful lest you burn them. It depends on the mounting and how
the pearls are placed, but I usually use a soft solder gun placed
somewhere close to the base of the pearl post and/or cup. I
gently heat the area, pulling constantly on the pearl, until the
glue melts and lets go. You have to watch the edge of the cup
carefully for discoloration. Too much heat and you’ve bought
yourself a pearl. I usually keep some clean water around in
order to stop the heating process in a hurry, if need be. Also,
make sure there’s no soft solder on the soldering iron. Steve

I posted this before but it didn’t seem to show up .

I have always though that Attack and liquid paint stripper are
the same thing. They sure smell the same and liquid paint
stripper is cheaper.

Am I right?

Mark Parkinson

Mark, Attack and some paint strippers have the chemical
"Methylene Chloride" which is the active ingredient in them that
will dissolve glues. Be careful with the strippers though as some
of them may harm the surface of a pearl. Rio Grande sells a
product called “Rio Pearl Remover” which works great and isn’t
very expensive (about $5.00) which lasts a lonnnnngggg time.