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Pearl Value Question

Bad…A customer of mine has lost some pearls. Worse…They were a
double strand of graduated, perfectly matched, NATURAL …I mean
real…uncultured…found just like that accidentally in an
oyster…round, Persian Gulf, (from Bahrain…sp?) pearls… One
strand is approximately 18", and its mate is approximately 20". The
pearls are undyed, white, and unblemished…Graduating from
approximately 5 or 6 mm to approximately 9mm…Yikes…18k Gold
clasp…as if that matters… These were a gift to her from the ruler
of that country…They were impeccable. Disregarding the source of
the gift…Does anyone out there know the possible value of these
pearls? She wants to know…I’m thinking that she wants to be more
miserable than she already is…I’m thinking house downpayment…I’d
really appreciate some help on this, as I’m so out of my league here.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Lisa, (Working on new business cards and brochures…sob…its coooold
here in the AM) Topanga, CA USA

I would talk to the auction houses about value on this. Since you
are talking about a product with provenance and extreme rarity they
are probably the only people who handle enough of this stuff to give
you a real idea of value. I would start with the big houses
(Christies, etc.) and see what they say.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG
Spirer Somes Jewelers
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Cambridge, MA 02140

Byzantia, contact the American Pearl Company, they sell natural
pearls (i just added some length to a customers necklace…2.6mm
pearls were approx 30.00 per…) I’m sure with sizes like you
mentioned it will be an expensize necklace to replace. Don’t forget
that some of the auction houses put up natural strands, and tho
bargins don’t exsist like we’d like them to, the price may be
comprable or better that assembling one from scratch…

good luck and great prosperity…Gianna

Lisa, I had a friend that bought a strand of naturals at auction for
$650.00They were appraised at $7500 That has been over14 years
ago.They were only 4 or 5mm and extra fine.I had a customer that came
to me last year with a multi strand choker with 3mm pearls that
clasped with two leopard heads encrusted with rubies diamonds and
sapphires.I sent a picture of it to a connection I had at Sotheby’s
they valued it at $8000 if they were cultured,much much more if they
were natural I had them x-rayed by my dentist to see if a seed start
would show up on the x-ray indicating that it was cultured.Only to
learn that you need a specific type of x-ray to see the seed.Dental
x-rays go right trough the pearl.GIA has the right type of x-ray.So if
your friend had an appraisal with a lab report from a lab that x-rayed
the pearls and ran them through the right lab analysis then she might
be able to get insurance to reimburse her.One thing though if they
came from the ruler of Bahrain or the Pope with out lab analysis you
can not be sure that they are in fact natural.I would be even more
suspect if they came from a politician of any kind.Best J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio Where the full moon is up and the Coyotes like it
that way!

Very briefly, a matched set of natural pearls like this are going to
fetch in the tens of thousands of dollars. Old pearls, however, suffer
from wear quite badly unless they have been regularly restrung.
Sending a photo to Christies or Sotheby’s is the best way to go from
here. This type of jewelery is of international interest.

Tony Konrath
Gold and Stone