Pearl stringing - help

hi ! this is my first post ,i:am looking for someone to do pearl
stringing !!!

You might try sandy Jones in Atlanta, or let’s knot as well in
Atlanta. Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold Sales- Tools Supplies Specialist
Phone 337-262-7700 ext. 94194 Fax 800-444-4741
e-mail @Andy_Kroungold

Hello, We would be happy to do it. What kind and size of pearls are
they? Have they already been drilled? We can drill them if they have
not. Just give me a call.

JoAnna Kelleher, co-owner

Hi There, If you are in the UK, I can sort you some high standard
Pearl stringing. Please mail me off list for more details. Kindest
regards BrianS:)

Brian S. Saynor BA (Hons)
3D Life-Style Metalwork & Jewellery