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Pearl storage

I came across some information about how to store pearls which said do not use plastic bags or plastic containers because the plastic can cause deterioration of the pearls.
This has caused great consternation for me as I bought quite a lot of fresh water pearls back in the nineties when they were becoming popular in Perth, Western Australia where I live.
They are all stored in plastic bags.
Have any of you lovely people any knowledge of this problem and if so how are you solving it?
Cheers Willie

Willie…I have no idea from personal experience how to store pearls, but did you google “How To Store Pearls”? There is a lot out there to sort the good from the bad. You might also also ask one of our trusted suppliers how they store and ship pearls. Good luck.

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Thanks Rob - I did a lot of googling but have not contacted any suppliers.
That is on my to do list now.

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