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Pearl Source?

where to source out the loose pearls! She wants some sizeable
blister pearls...I think they're called mabe 

Addie- I have recently purchased several nice pairs of mabe pearls
from The Joseph P. Stachura Co. in Uxbridge, Mass. Their 2000
catalogue shows a wide range of mabe sets from commercial grade
10-12 mm at $5 each to perfectly matched gem grade 11-12 mm pairs at
$400/ pair. Many sizes, colors and shapes. They are very helpful
over the phone, and also have a catalogue. You need a tax number to
purchase from them. Their number is: 508-278-6525, Fax is
508-278-9458, e-mail, Hours are Monday-Friday
9-5. I am just a satisfied customer who loves mabe pearls.


Hello! I recommend "H.S. STRYGLER & CO., INC. "in New York. I used to
work there 1986 to 1991 and they have good experience for pearls.

Yasu Matsuda
e-mail: @kobe-precious-pearl