Pearl Shortener

On page 168 of Rio’s Gems and Findings catalog there is a 14K pearl
shortener - I’m looking at the one with the hinge and the two spaces
rather than the typical loops. Does anyone know where to find the
same thing in silver or even base metal? Or, alternatively, a gold
one but with space for two strands of pearls. I have a client who
was wondering about soldering two together and we thought it would
be better to experiment with ss or base metal before we tried the
gold. Thanks so much.

Joanna Francis

Hi, Joanna–

I know nothing about pearl shorteners, but I looked at the picture.
It looks to me as thogh you could probable find a spot to drill a
hole on each of two, and hold them together with a jump ring. Much
easier than trying to create a single unit out of two, if you don’t
want to construct your own. HTH!