Pearl pricing

Dear Eva, Quite a while ago when I think you were a member of
Jewelcollect, I asked to see some pictures of pearls you had for sale,
and I was very impressed, but soon after my computer died and I lost
everything, including your email address, so I was pleased to see you
post to Orchid. I have a customer who would like to have an 18" strand
of cultured pearls, approximately 6.5 to 7mm in diameter, in what she
described as an off-white with a pink cast. For some reason the words
"creme rose" popped into my mind, and she said that sounded like what
she was looking for. Would you be able to quote me a price for such a
strand? Temporarily strung would be fine, I do my own stringing and
knotting; but I would like some advice on thread - I usually use
Gudebrod silk - would I still want white for a strand with a pink cast
or would it look better with pale pink or another color? Thank you.
Also, I would need to run the color past the customer to make sure I
got the right one, and she lives in another state (Colorado, I am in
Iowa)–how would you suggest I do this? I would be glad to purchase a
few single pearls in various shades if necessary. This lady always
makes it a point to come to my shop on when she vacations here, but
has since gone back. Sincerely, Diane Hanselman Past &
Present Jewelry Lu Verne, Iowa

Hi Diane,

I dropped out of jewel collect, the mail was just too much. I have
some strands and I think you will find one of them fine. I can send a
picture of the average of the lot we have and quote you a price. I
will be able to do this tonight or the next day. Unfortunately, I
don’t have any loose pearls because everything is in strands. But,
our return policy is less shipping!