Pearl patch

What do you do when you need to fill a drilled hole in a pearl? This
comes up from time to time at work, when an undrilled or half-drilled
pearl that suits a purpose cannot be found. Often, we fill with a
piece of gold wire polished off flush, but sometimes it would be nice
to make a hole (even if in the back) as inconspicuous as possible by
filling with something that matches. So far, it’s epoxy and
fingernail polish…


I wouldn’t make a habit of selling a filled Pearl but if you had to
you could take an old Pearl and file it to dust and mix the dust with

I’d not hide it but be decorative. Drill the hole bigger and place a
tube set diamond in the hole.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

Jo what a wonderful solution you made about not hiding the hole, in
thepearl but making an artistic feature out of it by setting a
diamond in it. Alma