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Pearl Holding Devices

I’m about to adapt one of the cheaper pearl drilling vises, as seen
at <> for small runs of pearl
drilling. The thing seems very fiddly to use. I thought of welding
these two discs (it comes as two discs pre-drilled with a selection of
hole sizes) to a steel mechanism a la kitchen tongs.

Meanwhile I got to thinking more … I searched this year’s archives
to no avail. I wonder what wonderful devices you pearl drillers out
there use.

B r i a n A d a m

To enlarge a pearl hole I hold the pearl in one hand using a wide
broccoli elastic band and drill with the flexshaft using the other
hand. Works like a charm. Haven’t tried drilling a hole "from scratch"
though. Karen

I use, with great success, a small Dremel vise with rubber guards on
both sides of the vise. This style is meant for screwing down to
tabletop, yet I keep mine free so that I can move it to the drill
press. I’ve tried the commercial pearl drilling devises and they did
not work well for me. The vise style gives me the opportunity to see
underneath and above the pearl from the side and front so that I’m
sure that I’ve lined the mark for drilling right in the center. I can
even clamp in the small keshi pearls for successful drilling. Check
it out!