Paying Respect!

During the past 14 months, I’ve been writing many essays (103) on Diamond Setting. I thought it is necessary why not to pay respect to three people who made all of this possible? These three people are my Beloved Parents and my mentor-setter-teacher Stan Levine. In my posting of my latest essay, I told about what these three people did and the “gifts” they left me.

This essay is full of their own life history that is so very interesting. We must, at one time, give thanks to those who made our lives to what it is today!!!


Ditto that Gerry!

What a beautiful sentiment!


Thank you Denny Diamond. The last weekend was a Jewish Holyday and Memorial Prayers were recited for the Deceased. I thought of doing something extra special on that day, I wanted to Memorialize these three people with their life history and how they impacted my own life.

To write their story was difficult, as I had to hold back some tears while writing this essay. But how can you put into one or two pages their whole life history?

Now everyone on Orchid/Ganoksin and my blog, will know of them soon enough. As we say in Hebrew, I think I did a ‘Mitzvah’ for them…aka ‘a good deed’.

I know that they all are smiling at what I have done to keep their efforts known to all. Much better than a few ‘hollow & simple’ words on a tombstone.:>)