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Paying it back to teacher

Hi all

today I had a wonderful experience. A customer of mine and her
husband showed me their wedding rings. Ebony set in white gold. I
could not do this so I sent them to my teacher Walraven van Heeckeren.

The rings were excellent quality and just so beautiful. They thanked
me for sending them to Wal.

So cool to see the looks on their faces. So nice to be thanked.
These rings “blew their minds”.

Its not all about cash is it. But it is all about making your
customers enraptured even if there is no $ in it for you. Will they
buy from me again for sure. But I am so happy that this lady and her
husband got exceptional quality and really appreciate the work that
went into their rings. I really enjoy the relationships I make with my
customers. Jewellery is so intimate and personal we really make a life
time contact with our clients.

Damn I just wish I was at that master level. One day maybe.

all the best