Pave bead size?

In learning more about stone setting I’ve been reading about bead raising in pave setting. I think I understand most all of this, but I can’t seem to find much information on how one decides what size beads to make for various size stones. I found one poster advising about a 25% or diameter bead for a 1.7mm stone (#03 beading tool) and a 20% of diameter bead for a 3mm stone (#09), but nothing else. I would assume as stones get larger, the beads can be smaller in terms of a percentage of stone diameter. Then I would guess that one can backtrack in deciding on the graver size needed to raise the bead and how far back from the stone one has to start in order to raise a large enough curl of metal to form the bead completely. I have read a number of Gerry’s stone setting essays, but not all of them. I know he tells what tools he uses in specific cases, but I wonder if there are some rules of thumb for which beading tool diameters and which graver sizes to use for various sizes of stones. TIA, royjohn