Paul Reilly's wife Margie passed away

It is with a very heavy heart that I report that Paul’s wife Margie
passed away from a massive stroke. Paul and Margie had that special
spark. Whenever they were together you could feel the love between
them. Paul used to jokingly refer to Margie’s driving skills calling
her Margie-o Andretti.

I feel such deep sadness for my dear friend Paul for his loss. I’m
sure he would appreciate you emailing your condolences off list.

I’m guessing Margie was in her early 50’s. It goes to show you how
precious and short life can be. I think I will go wake my wife up and
give her a hug.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Orchidian friends,

It is great to have a community such as yourselves to aid others
through hard times as well as good.

To all those who wrote to me offline with condolences, " I Thank You"
so much for your kind words and offer you an apology for taking so
long to respond.

The loss of my wife of 29 years, and best friend for 5 years prior to
that, has been very hard on me. My wife’s death was sudden and very
unexpected, it was caused a burst brain aneurysm with no warning
symptoms whatsoever. The shock is finally wearing off, so this is
the first I have felt able to respond to you with out breaking down
and just jumbling words. I’m just now starting to get some of my
composure back.

I would especially like to thank Rick Copeland for posting my loss to
the group, and I’ll try soon to respond to all who wrote to me
offline. And I promise that I’ll soon start posting answers (and
questions) to the group again.

Hug the one you love the next time you see them, and let them know
how much you care.

Paul D. Reilly

Hello Paul;

I lost track of your email address so I wasn’t able to write
condolences. I’d like to offer them now, my deepest sympathy. My
mother died of the same cause when she was only 50, same thing, no
warning. I wish you the best.

David L. Huffman

Hello Paul,

I am also so sorry to hear of your loss. I too was greatly comforted
by the Orchid community when we lost our daughter this year.
Sometimes the little things can mean so much during those unbearable

I will offer nine bows for the loss of your binary star.