Patterned side rollers for Durston rolling mill

This question is for anyone who has experience with patterned
rolling mill side rollers.

I just purchased a Durston F150 with side rollers and a reduction
gear. I also ordered some patterned side rollers from a guy named
Kenneth who sells on eBay. I have not received the mill or the
rollers yet, but would like as much as possible before I
use the patterned side rollers. The patterns I ordered are 5.5 to
7mm wide according to the description on the eBay ad, but I’m not
sure how deep they are. I am attaching some photos of the rollers
that I copied from the eBay ad. I have used rolling mills in my
jewelry making for many years, so I’m well acquainted with operating
procedures for rolling patterns onto flat sheet with found objects
such as leaves or lace, but I have never used a mill with patterned
side rollers.

Can I use sterling silver with these rollers, or is fine silver

Do I use wire or flat sheet with these rollers?

If wire is used, what gauge?

Do I need to grease the pattern groove so the wire does not get
stuck in the pattern?

Does it only take one pass to get a good impression?

Is there anything else I need to know?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, tips, or tricks.

Anne Smarzik


I bought a pattern roller from Kenneth Singh some years ago, and
will try to buy another one from him. They will work on 1/2 round or
square wire, either fine or sterling silver (or gold brass, etc)
works great. One pass is all you need, with the right pressure on the
mill. Nope, you won’t need to lubricate the wire, it won’t stick to
the roller.

Obviously the wire you roll through has to fit the groove you are
using, not overhang it, or you will produce a flattened “fin” which
could be desirable, though.

These pattern rollers are a good bargain, I think.