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Pattern Wire Solder Join

I recently purchased some lovely pattern wire from Rio to create rings. Using this wire is new to me. It has lots of small detail which I love but I’m having a problem with getting the join flush.

Here’s a bit of my process: I saw the join on a diagonal and line up the 1mm cable pattern on top and bottom of the wire (there are tiny vertical bars) . The wire is bent so that it is flat when I saw the join (not rounded as in a ring shank) . My thinking is that this is the best way to keep the join flush at both ends. When I refine the join I keep the wire parallel as well.
The pattern is irregular at the join and it’s very challenging to get both sides to fit. I have no problem with getting an excellent join on round wire. Just can’t get a good flush fit solder join with this product.

When I form and solder the ring, there is a slight bit of the pattern that’s off making the join is too apparent. Should I try to use gravers to clean this up? (I don’t have great graver skills.) Or is re-sawing the soldered join and resoldering it the best way to go?

My aim is to get a better sawed join to begin with and avoid the mismatch solder join with this new product I’m working with. Wish I could add an image here.

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Thanks Julie!

Make the best joint you can with the ring size just a bit on the small side, then stretch the ring to size.


Thanks rmeixner. I defaulted to cutting a vertical join. Sawing a diagonal on thick patterned flat wire is beyond my skill.
Things went very well when I did this. I was able to match the pattern exactly and correct the slight difference of angle on the inside band. I protected the pattern with white out so no solder flowed into the it.
Stretching the soldered ring shank is the way to go.

Thanks so much for your suggestions.

Glad it worked. I have made hundreds of twisted rings, earrings and bangles and it has always worked for me.