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Pattern Transfer

I want to transfer a large, very detailed pattern to a piece gold
plate. What is the best, most accurate way to do this?

Jim C

    I want to transfer a large, very detailed pattern to a piece
gold plate.  What is the best, most accurate way to do this? 

This works for me: Use white Contact type paper. Apply to one side of
the metal and burnish well. Use carbon paper to transfer the design.
If registration marks and scotch tape are used to prevent the carbon
and drawing papers from shifting, it’s easy to lift up one corner at a
time to check the progress. If you are direct drawing, use a
mechanical pencil, then use an India ink pen over the pencil marks.
Your design stays put until you’ve finished your piercework. Any
residue can be pulled off or removed with acetone. K.P. in WY

How big is big? If your pattern is smaller than 8 1/2 by 11, you can
go photocopy it onto accetate, then heat the metal on the kitchen
stove to about medium temp. Place the accetate onto the metal, MATT
side down (the ink on the accetate is on the matt black side, so check
to make sure pattern is not backwards) and burnish it with a
papertowel. Lift a corner of the plastic, and check to make sure the
black is transfering, about half the ink will go over. Oh yeah, the
metal must be really clean, and do this transfer as soon as possible
after copying. This is a really sturdy way of transfering, doesnt
really rub off. You can also use this for doing etching. karen in

Hi Jim, this works for me when I want to transfer a pattern for hand
engraving. Make a photo copy (xerox type) of the pattern onto a piece
of frosted (translucent) type paper. (not sure what its called). Then
apply a small amount of damar varnish onto the plate. Put the pattern
face down on the varnish and gently rub. Let the paper sit for a
minute or two and then lift it off. The pattern will release from the
paper and stick to the varnish. Let dry and then engrave. Ken Sanders

When I have to make models for customers,I photocopy the
artwork…Then i cut around the artwork leaving about 3mm of extra
paper beyond the design, then, i glue the cut out onto the sheet stock
selected and then i cut the pattern directly.

Another way is to use soft wax shavings… melt them onto the
metal… then , place the paper in position … warm the metal from
underneath(so you don’t set the paper on fire) as soon as you see the
paper settle into the heated wax…stop …and let it cool. Now, When
you go to saw the design out, there will be a very small amount of
wax continuosly lubricating the saw blade as you work… greatly
reducing the chance of broken saw blades ( for those who have that

Daniel Grandi

May be you can xerox the pattern on a big label (Size A4?) then stick
it on your piece of gold. Regards,