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Pattern Sheets

To Kara Campbell About you reply dated 20 June '01. I have to make a
pendant from 18 carat yellow gold and have to impart any pleasing
pattern onto the gold sheet. I remember you mentioned D. H. Fell’s
pattern sheets and I wonder if:- (a) You know where these pattern
sheets can be obtained from, and (b) If these pattern sheets can be
used to impart a pattern from them onto metal. Does anyone on the forum
have ideas for imparting a pattern onto metal from some easily
obtained source. Best wishes, Derick.

DHFell is a metals supplier in southern California. Their pattern
sheet is mostly sterling silver etched sheet with a large variety of
patterns. It’s somewhat expensive, but I use it mostly for accents,
and it gives me a more formal pattern than I could produce. I have
neither the equipment nor the desire to do the etching myself. I
think they will produce a pattern in gold, and I also think they will
do custom patterns, although I’ve never asked. I’ve also bought
standard sheet and wire from them in gold, silver and platinum and
been quite pleased. They have a website at Hope that
helps, ~kara

Derick, metaliforous in New York has a bunch of brass pattern sheets
that are relatively inexpensive and that can be used to impart
patterns into silver and gold by rolling against the metal in a
rolling mill. They usually last about 20 or so rollings and can be
cut to fit the size of the precious metal you are using. Hope this
helps, Suzanne