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Patinated with platinol

Hi Sophie

what is platinol,and where is it available?

thank you

Hi, U.K website…

All the best,


platinol is - I think - a UK product; it’s a dark brown liquid that
smells appalling - like hot LOS, and I’m assuming that it has the
same active ingredient as LOS. It works instantly and produces a hard
to remove patina; if you dilute it down and leave a piece in for a
few hours the only way to remove the colour is by fairly destructive
abrading. It doesn’t do the same flaking thing that liver of sulphur
can do, either; or certainly not as readily.

I buy it from sutton tools in Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, you can
buy online from HS Walsh. If you are in the States I think that a
similar product is Max Black, though I have no personal experience of