Patinas in General

Hi Lynn To answer your questions: There are also black, brown and grey
patinas; some leave a matt finish, some shiny, some are mottled if
the metal is left in sawdust with the solution. They are less
dangerous when dry as there are no vapours to breathe in and if
sealed with wax or lacquer the surface coating is probably less
likely to be absorbed into the skin. For safety’s sake though it is
better not to allow patinated surfaces to come into contact with
skin as sealers can wear off and you risk adverse skin reactions.

I had a question about the same…not only silver black, but also
Brown-black patina and Blue oxidizer…do these need
sealing?..and finally does anyone know of a good source for
Patinas of all colors? I see a place called Bryant Labs in Tim
McCreights book…has anyone tried or know of another good source
for Patinas? LynnOn Tue, 2 Nov 1999 18:04:02 -0600 cmoore wrote:

Hi all.  I just bought some silver black and I've played with it a
little (outside with gloves on) but my questions are, do I need to
seal it, if so with what, and can I dilute it?  If I do dilute it,
what should I store it in? Thanks in advance! Caitlin in rainy Seattle 

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Hi Lynn,

I too, have been searching for patina recipes. The archives seem to
be a good resource. Take a look. You will also find a book listing in
there somewhere that was mentioned many times.