[Patina] Vigor gold

hello out there! I’ve been experiencing difficulty in keeping my
patina’d silver black. I’m using Vigor gold/silver oxidizer.
It goes on and has it’s oxidizing effect. However any kind of
light cleaning after polishing will promptly remove it! I’ve
tried all kinds of pampering- light to very light cleaning. it
still comes off. I’m now heating the pieces with a hair dryer-
applying patina & drying- then applying again- better results-
but not the dark patina i’m looking for. I want to stay away
from simmering liver of sulfer. Any ideas would be much
appreciated! Rona

I’ve had excellent results from Black Max brand from Rio Grande,
but you do have to let the patina dry overnight for best
adhesion. Trying to speed it along with too much heat seems to
make it dry funny, get patchy or flake. If you want an extreme
black, try opaque black laquer, usually sold as a jewelry
oxidizing laquer. This holds up better to buffing and is
unaffected by chemical cleaning solutions.