Patina safe use and disposal

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for the tip you’ve shared. Actually I’ve read
Trevors message before yours and sent him a reply also. This is
what’s so great about Orchid, everyone is ready to help! so I thank
you both. I mostly carve things on silver, and after I finish
carving, (I use powdered charcoal to polish, it does not harm the
carvings) I also use los, but haven’t used the Ammonia vapor
treatment. Mostly after the application of lose the steps are the
same except, after drying the surface, I apply bees wax, just by
heating it a little or heating the carved piece and applying the
wax, and then rub it in with a soft piece of cloth. Now, I’m going
to ask you the same questions: First, how do you apply the carnuba
wax on the surface? Second, what do you use in polishing the surface
without harming the raised carvings other than charcoal?

Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful.