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Patina on copper over silver bi-metal

I have an etched bi-metal piece; copper over silver. I want to patina
only the copper to black. Is there a formula or product that I can

Thanks, Kathy

Black would be tough. Dark brown with Baldwin’s Patina, yes. If you
had chosen Shakudo over silver you would be able to get black with

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

The Baldwin’s patina works very well for just this type of
oxidation. It works exceptionally well on argentium and copper. I
used it on my copper/silver mokume bracelet and it worked like a
charm. Be sure to clean and prep your metal first for best results.

Hope this helps.
Best regards,
Phillip Scott GG. Technical Support
Rio Grande

Kathy, it’s possible to patina etched copper/silver bi-metal with
liver of sulphur. I learned this method from Carol Webb years ago.
It’s how she achieves that wonderfully graphic contrast in her work.

You’ll need 4 containers. In one make a very very weak solution of
liver of sulphur, the lightest color of yellow you can get (note: it
your liver of sulphur is old, this may take some adjusting). In
another pour some Jax Instant Silver Cleaner. Fill the other 2
containers with cold water.

Dip the well cleaned piece quickly into the diluted liver of sulphur
and then into the first water container to stop the action. Next dip
the piece into the Jax and quickly into the other water container.

This technique relies on speed. Liver of sulphur patinas copper
faster than it does silver, and Jax cleans silver slightly faster
than copper. If it doesn’t work, you can keep doing it, and if it
patinas the silver, then you can dip in the Jax and start over. I
will add that I’ve mostly done this on copper/fine silver, so
results on copper/sterling may vary. Also be sure to use the liquid
liver of sulphur not the powdered variety.

I use Baldwin’s Patina on all my mokume. It does an excellent job
creating a spectrum of colors with different alloys. (No affiiation,
just a happy customer.)

Hope this helps!