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Patina in silver's ring

hi all y make a lot of experimentation with gold on silver and like
the contrast between black patina and gold. y have a probl?e to
conserve patina on my rings.y make black patina with acetate of
copper.or sulfurisation with hyposulfite of sodium with copper
sulfate. y have try a lot of experimentations but patina is very
fragile. is somebody have a solution? maybe a car varnish.


Lazarus Erick, You hit it right on the nose. I make a lot of
reticulated silver pendants–bezel-set and patinated with liver of
sulfur. Have tried all the usual spray lacquers. They seem to
scratch pretty easily, and some even have a cloudy, matte finish
(yuk). I now am using automobile lacquer that I found in an auto
paint store (of course). It’s liquid, in a 4 oz. can, and I use it
full strength, painted on with a small artists brush. Should look
good and protect as long as your new car paint job does. I’m not
sure it would work on a ring, since they take such hard wear. Good
luck, Gary Strickland