Patina copper color spots

Hello! I’m new here but have been told if anyone would know about
this question, it would be over at ganoksin. I’m a novice jewelry
maker with a home studio, but my husband has been a bench jeweler
off and on for years so I’m sort of learning from him. I made a ring
about a month ago, just playing around with scrap sterling I have,
and ended up with a patina I would love to duplicate. I was using
firescoff flux on it to help solder the center ball on when it
happened, and the center flower got red hot and had speckles on it
that glimmered when the torch got near it. Once the heat was off
those spots took to a copper color. The liver of sulfur won’t take
to those spots ether.

I’ve included a link to the image of the ring - I’m after the copper
color speckles on the ring. My husband thinks maybe I heated the
sterling hot enough to separate the copper from the silver but I’ve
been trying to do that again and can’t seem to do it. I think I may
have flicked solder on it and it took copper. It’s really important I
figure out how I did it so I can do it again, or at least figure a
way of doing something like that again.

  • C. Byrnes


I love patina like this. I try to do as much as I can also, except I
don’t use silver too much, because it won’t take and keep too much
patina. I can not tell you how to get the exact same result, but I
can give some hints. The first thing you did, was to “hold your mouth
right”. The next thing I think is that you let the metals be dirty,
you put flux on the silver after you had heated it a time or two.
When I want to get patina I use my ceramic solder thing, that is very
dirty and full of old flux, solder, and bits of who knows what. I
think you may have had the ring flower side down when you used the
torch, and it happened then. And, I have to be a bit snarky, see,
those guys who have been jewelers for ever don’t know everything! It
seems to me that sometimes the side down is the one that gets the
best patina.

Roxy Lentz

And, I have to be a bit snarky, see, those guys who have been
jewelers for ever don't know everything! 

Yes we do. We’re just not always sharing the best, most secret,
bits… :slight_smile: