Pate sur pate cameos, signed, numbered

Hi all, I just got a long awaited ebay parcel with a mix of findings
and pate-sur-pate (wedgewood style porcelain) cameos/limoge …some
set and some not. Many of them are signed M. Sixsmith, with series
name and number in series such as 1/300 and so on. My understanding
is that these were part of an inheritance from a relative in England
and that they either come from there or France originally. Does
anyone know how I can find out who the artist was and what kind of
value to put on these pieces? Many are quite detailed, and all are
hand made it would seem. Any suggestions? I got over 100 of them in
the parcel, some signed and some not. I know they are at least worth
more than I paid for them! The settings alone are worth that! You
can still see the items on the ebay link at ebay link removed
It would just be nice to know what they are worth before I
try to sell them.

Jeanne Rhodes Moen Kristiansand, Norway

Since the link to the original ebay listing was removed, I’ve put up
4 images on my own site, so you can actually see what I am talking
about. I am unsure how to price these other than that they are small
works of art and that each one is unique. Please see

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway

Hi, I sent out mail a couple of days ago asking for help figuring
out the value on some hand carved porcelain cameos…doesn’t anyone
have any ideas either on value or how I can find out about the artist
who made them? An M. Sixsmith, a woman now deceased from England.

Again, I’ve got a few pictures at

Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway