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Patania Article in Smithsonian Magazine

Dear All - As a non-member of the Patania family I feel I have
bragging rights on them! Please take a look at the terrific article
on the Patanias and their work in the March issue of Smithsonian
Magazine - and with pictures. This article was about a year in the
gathering by the reporter and it is a very good one.

Forgive me for being so proud but I really think they are a
remarkable and talented family and I guess Smithsonian thinks so
too. Pat Kulla @ Sam Patania’s


We just got our copy of the Smithsonian magazine and I was very
excited, pleased and yes, even surprised at the wonderful article
about the Patanias.

Only one thing was wrong! The name of your shop and its location
were not given! As a resident of Tucson, I would really like to
come down and visit!

Thanks for letting everyone else know, Paula.

Laura Hastings
Tucson, Arizona

Dear Laura, I think the Smithsonian does not want to be seen as
advertising for any one even thought the algebraic total of the
article amounts to the best advertising. I am at 3000 E. Broadway,
Tucson 85716 in the Broadway Village shopping center. Please come by
and introduce yourself to Pat and me. Sam Patania, Tucson