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Pat and Professional Photographers

Pat: I hate to tell you this but I’ve never met a professional
photographer yet that would turn a job down because he wasn’t
qualified. The fact that you spent hours trying to get the
lighting right is a tip-off. Lighting is a high skill and product
photographers who are good at it get paid well. Photographers
have specialties and it sounds like you got screwed in you glass
photo jobs. There are photographers who specialize in gemstone
and jewelry photography and they know tricks that make stones
look incredible. The normal photographer knows general
principles, enough to be able to shoot most anything adequately
but glasss, jewelry, fashion, portrait, action, sports etc. etc.
photography are all specialties and take specialized talents. I’m
starting to think you might invest in a decent digital camera and
lighting setup for long term goals. A polarizing filter is a
good idea but depends on what kinds of light you’re using. You
can get a pretty good digital camera for what you paid that
photographer and probably a flood lighting system with soft
lights and set up a permanent photo studio, maybe with some
photographer’s help and advice. Scanning is very limited in what
you can do with it. If you already have a good quality 35mm
camera, I might even suggest investing in a couple good lenses
and a strobe and soft lights setup instead of a digital camera.
Then have your shots output to a PhotoCD disk. Get some help on
setting up a table top studio with the strobe lights and this
will last you for many many years.

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Pat, Dave, all—please check out my reply today re Larry Rees,
Huntington WV. He’s not only professional, he’s very ethical.
If he can’t do what you want to your satisfaction, he’ll tell you
so, no bull from him. Be sure to tell him I referred you to him,
please—he’s a good friend of mine, as well as photographer,
teacher, all-around good guy.

Sharon Holt aka @bootsie