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Partners & what do they contribute to your work


people - here’s a piece of that may be of use to
other jewelry workers with partners: there MUST be mitigating
circumstances in order to plead ‘justifiable homicide’ after
terminating partner. qualifying as ‘mitigating’, but not limited
to, the following: using your favorite chasing hammer with cold
chisels to break up quartz crystal clusters; responding to a
good repeat-customer’s compliment on a piece (which you know is
the preface to saying ‘i’ll take it’), “well, there’s no
accounting for taste”; transporting your ‘new to you’ 10" rock
saw, on an unchocked roll-around stand, upright in the rear of
the van within crushing distance of your griphon diamond blade
bandsaw (yes, it did). last - but not least - goosing you while
you’re soldering the last bit onto your show stopper design - at
midnight the night before a big show. a big juried show. a big
juried show where you took a big award last year. will someone
please hand the shovel to me? ive