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Partial Gold Plating

Is it possible to just partially gold plate an silver piece (as in
just the end/tip of an object) or is there another method which
would be better suited?

Oh, yes. Definitely possible. Send a sample to your plater indicating
what you need, and in most cases, they can do it. They sometimes use
a paint-on resist called stop-off to keep some areas from plating.
There are other methods as well.

Good luck!


You can do the plating with a plating pen which allows you to only
plate the area you use the pen or you can mask out the areas you do
not want plated before placing the item in the plating bath.

For small objects you can use finger nail polish as the masking
material. After you are finish plating the item and rinse and
neutralize it just place it in some acetone to remove the coating.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
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I have always wanted to play with a pen plating machine, but I could
never figure out how to clean the silver portion of the piece after
the gold-plating is on. Any tips please?