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Paris jewelry attractions

Hello Helen : do you have any recommendations for Paris I’m going in
early May and want to see modern art jewelry and art nouveau?


any recommendations for Paris I'm going in early May and want to
see modern art jewelry and art nouveau? 

Assuming you mean Paris in France, there are a handfull of jewellery
galeries to visit

- Helene Poree, 1 rue de l'Odeon, 75006 Paris
- Elsa Vanier, 7 rue du Pre aux clercs, 75007 Paris
- Madame Cheret, 9 rue Madame, 75006 Paris
- Galerie Naila de Monbrisson, 6 Rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Paris
- 3b bijoux, 92 rue Saint-Martin, 750004 Paris

I would also add Boutique Talents, which is the showroom of the
french part of the World Craft Council, and displays a wide range
of craft products from France, among jewellery. 1 bis rue Scribe,
75009 Paris next to Opera and in walking distance to Place Vendme
(which is THE center of the french high-level jewellery industry)

Madame Cheret, officially Les Ateliers d’Art Liturgique Cheret, is a
must see: half of the shop is dedicated to liturgic art, the other
half to contemorary jewellery. Madame Ch=eret really is an
institution. Then buy lunch at Le Bon Marche, which is near Madame

Galerie 3b is right next to the Centre Pompidou where you will
certainly want to go as well.

Enjoy your stay !

Vio - objets & bijoux

do you have any recommendations for Paris I'm going in early May
and want to see modern art jewelry and art nouveau? 

I’m not sure if you were asking me, but I’ve never been to Paris.
I’ve driven through it once, about ten years ago, but never stopped
so don’t know what attractions there are.

I mentioned the trams in Amsterdam as that was one of the places
mentioned, and also getting around such towns was also talked about.
The last time I was there was before I was into making jewellery, so
I don’t know of any real jewellery attractions - I’ve only been to
the really touristy diamond/jewellery places.


The list of Violaine is very exhaustive, I will add Le Muse des arts
decoratifs Art near Place VendomeLes Arts Decoratifs 107, rue de
Rivoli 75001 Paris - tel. : 01 44 55 57 50

Hi, there is two place I would’ not miss in Paris: Galerie Nala de
Monbrison, an art and jewellery gallery
6 Rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris
It is a small gallery but it usually features interesting works

and the Muse des Arts Dcoratifs and its "galerie des Bijoux"
107 rue de Rivoli (just by the Muse du Louvre) 75001 paris

Hello and thank you for your many recommendations, I will print them
out and carry them with me, I have heard that there is a very large
exhibition of Lalique going on also at the Musee du Luxembuorg
supposedly the largest ever, this would be fantastic because I am a
glass artist as well as a jeweler, and have considered Lalique the
pinnacle of design.

Thank you again…Frank

Hi All,

I am visiting Paris in the summer and would appreciate any tips on
jewelry related places to visit. I see there is museum of gems and
commercial jewelry stores are easy to find, but how about the
amazing places. Small art jewelry venues? People who post or lurk
here? I have to get some eye candy when there!

Esta Jo

Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art
261 Boulevard Raspail
75014 Paris, France

It is located in the 14e.

Please share what you saw when you return. Best,


This place is just gorgeous, several galleries of exquisite pieces
including some breathtaking ones by Lalique

Anna M Williams

Thanks. I will. If they let me take pictures, I will post them!

Esta Jo

I’m a mineral collector so one place on my wish list is the school
of mines.
Ecole de Mines

Paul van den Bergen you’ve reminded me of my favorite gem and
mineral museum in Paris.

I’ve spent a good bit of time in Paris over the years. I so love the
Museum of Geology in the Jardin Des Plantes near the Natural History
Museum. In front of the building is a huge meteorite. Inside… oh
my God! Single crystals that are 6 ft tall. So many beautiful and
amazing things in there. I’ve been several times. It’s also near a
very cool little gem of a Roman amphitheater that is still used to
picnic and play soccer in.

I so love that city. Sigh.

Jo Haemer

I would like to suggest that you get a book called “Paris, an
Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart” written by Janelle
McCulloch. It has on jewelry stores and many other off
the tourist track (some maybe on it as well). I went two years ago
and as much as I loved the city, I had a hard time finding any
affordable jewelry stores, but one.

Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it anymore. My friend and I
just happened upon it and am glad that I did. I was in search of a
sterling charm of the Eiffel Tower and finally found some.

The book is a great coffee table book as well, but I think you’ll
find it a very interesting book. Good luck!

Mary Young
Follow your passion…


I also thought I would contact some of the terrific galleries in the
US that I know and ask them where they would go!

Esta Jo Schifter

The Museum of Decorative Arts, next door to the Louvre, has two
large rooms dedicated to jewelry. Photography is prohibited, but
folks still snap away until a guard says “pas des photos!”


Historic : Musee des Arts decoratifs, 107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
Contemporary : White Bird 38 rue du Mont-Thabor, Paris 1er
Galerie de Joaillerie Elsa Vanier 7 Rue du Pre aux Clercs 75007
Renee Talmon l’Armee 3 rue Cunin Gridaine 75003

Walking around Place Vendme, whether or not it’s your style, is
worth it just to see the level of artistry. My favourite is
Buccellati. Rue du Faubourg St Honore for the same reason, I
particularly like some of the Pomellato stuff.

Did you want tools or materials? Tools are easy, metals, not so

Fiona in Paris

site-seeing planned.

Ecole de Mines Musee
Natural History Museum

Then trying to pick between:

Musee de Louvre
Cartier Foundation
Notre Dame

decisions decisions…

Musee des Arts Decoratifs really should be on the list if you are
interested at all in. jewelry!


St. Chappelle is my choice even over Notre Dame. The catacombs will
take the better part of day to do if you are limited in time. The
geology building in the Natural History Museum complex is the one to
see. Can’t miss it. It has a giant meteorite out front. Single quartz
crystals over 5 ft tall. The Musee D’Orsay is my pick over the Louvre
unless you have lots of time. If you do, then do both.

Not far, just blocks from the natural history museum in the Jardin
Des Plantes is a wonderful Roman Amphitheater that is still used for
picnics and soccer. A wonderful quiet place to rest your feet, eat a
sandwich and take in the locals.

If your french is as bad as mine relax. Just try to speak it and
they will be charmed. Even if what you ordered for dinner is lost in
translation and you don’t get what you expected, it will still be the
best thing you ever ate. Above all, have big fun and wear sturdy and
comfortable walking shoes. You never know when you will miss that
last Metro and have to walk across the city at 2AM.

Jo Haemer

I’m back - and it was fabulous - photos to follow later…

I did not get to see everything I wanted because time and queues…

hot tip #1 August is apparently the best time to go to paris - less
tourists and good weather. Most parisians go on holiday then too…

Thanks to the persons who suggested Musee des Arts Decoratifs - the
jewelry display there was fantastic - a must see

The Mineral display at the Museum of Natural History was a bit
disappointing - only a small section of the building was open, so
the number of specimens on display was limited. However, the quality
of specimens was superb. (meteor at the front was not there either)

The Mineral Museum at the Ecole de Mines was extensive and
spectacular - the better of the two for my money (opens at 2pm)

Those were the highlights. The Louvre has fantastic collections of
jewelry and silver/gold work from the french kings et al that is
quite overwhelmingly spectacular, and the sculpture is awesome. The
Musee d’Orsy is smaller but concentrated quality, and has more
paintings that I like (van Gogh for example) (in other words worth
seeing both)

getting around - bus, metro and velib (bikes). Avoid cars.

wrt french, second the notion that the expectation is that you will

and regardless of your subsequent success or failure you will be
treated with respect. but fail to try and you will quickly wear out
your welcome. which is fair enough…