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Dear Dr. Aspler,

I have read one article Ant, Camels & Gold in TIDBITS dtd.
11/03/96 in Orchid Digest. As the article was some what related
to India and was fresh in mind, I decided to send this article
for next TIDBITS & for ORCHID. If you find it suitable for
publishing, kindly include.

Welcome suggestion and write if you want few more stories from India.
Additions or deletions are allowed for editing.

Best Regards
Sandeep Saxena
Today, I reproduced extracts from an local Hindi Newspaper
and decided to send it to TIDBITS as a rejoinder for the article about
the Big Ants which were found in ancient India, in TIDBITS dtd
11/03/96 for a light informative reading. It was indeed a spicy story
for telling your customers and enlighten them by linking Gold, camels
& Ants. They would certainly understand ; Why the gold has become so
precious now-a-days after hearing Gold Craziness of Indians and their
miracle Stone.

I hope you would refurnish this anytime by telling them of
another side. of Gold Crazy Indians. This is all about " A stone which
would turn any iron into Gold by mere touching". You could confirm the
story of this stone with any Indian or Pakistani customer or neighbor.
You will see from this article… :slight_smile: that people are still working in
libraries unlike to other uneducated shepherds in the far north
Himalaya range, nailing goats feet by Iron Shoes in a false hope of
realize one day The MIRACULOUS STONE. Anyway, the article starts under
the heading;


Bundelkhand, a hilly area of south Uttar Pradesh (where I live), a
part of northern Indian state is famous for its Arts and Warriors.
This land is also known for its multifaceted cultural heritage. There
is description of PARAS PATTHAR, in the famous book Parimal Raso. It
is said this stone has miraculous potential of turning any Iron into
Gold and this was the reason for the prosperity of the region reigned
by King named Parimal Raso.

Now the question arise that Stone which could turn Iron into Gold
remained to the King or changed hands subsequently. In fact; we get
description of its magical powers in many other historical books also.
It would be worthwhile to know the context quoted in the book PARIMAL
RASO before referring to other books.

references of this stone in the book named “MEMOIRS OF THE EMPEROR

There are also traces of the presence of this mystic stone in the
Indian river named NARMADA (The Mighty River of central India),
mentioned in other famous books. The author J.P. Duff, in book “The
Marhatta And The Pindari War” has written; " When once Durga Pindari
(the famous cruel thug of central India) was crossing the river
Narmada with his 2,500 horsemen, his blood stained Bhala (fork)
accidently fell in the river. Later on it was, to the shock of
everyone, made of gold. Later on many soldiers tried to find this
stone in the river bed of Narmada, but in vain. Mr W.H.G. Holmes has
also mentioned, in his book titled “The Highlands of Unknown India”,
that the existence of this stone somewhere in Amarkantak Gulkawali of
Narmada river.

The famous Mogul Emperor Akbar had personally seen tried hard to
search for the stone. The king Jhangir (son of Akbar and the father of
Shahjahan Who built Taj Mahal, the wonder of the world), has mentioned
in his autobiography JAHANGIRNAMA ;Reinforced by a big contingent of
army, when my father Emperor Akbar attacked Burhanpur, we had an
elephant named Shamsher, whose feet were tied Iron shackles Those
shackles had turned into Gold while crossing the river Narmada. On
hearing this amazing feat, out of sheer greed Akbar unsuccessfully
tried to search that inestimable stone.

In his attempt of finding the PARAS PATTHAR George Jacob lost his
life. He was then Sub Divisional Magistrate of that region. He dived
into the river from the top of marble rocks in Jabalpur. He though,
did not find the PARAS PATTHAR but other people found his dead body
with gold turned, belt buckle and knife. But it was proved that he had
actually hit that stone somewhere in the river bed. Famous traveller
and historian Manuchi has also accepted the wonders of this stone. In
his book “Storia Dr. Mogor” has mentioned that the shoe nails of the
horse of Subedar Shaharyaar Khan had turned into gold while crossing
over the river Narmada.

Excepts from a local Hindi daily (Dainik Jagran) dated 4th November
1996, compiled by Dr. Laxmi Shanker Yadav and translated by me for

Indians are Gold crazy, the whole world knows for ancient days. I
myself could not believe this till the report of World Gold
Organisation in 1996; The statistics available of last few years show
that Indians consume this precious Yellow metal more than anyone else
in the world and precisely the quantity consumed annually is actually
more than twice the of consumption of country which stand second in
the list. We are discussing Jewelry business so we must be aware of
some facts and start thinking on exploring business :-).

Here in India, generally residents of South India like Yellow Gold and
in east they prefer Red Gold. I think in US & Western countries, they
prefer White Gold. People here buy gold for holding purpose but not in
Jewelry form due to its easy liquidity & Barter power. The metal
remains with the family for generations, locked under personal key,
until misfortune strikes. Obviously, It do not contribute to country’s
economy and in other words, people know they are rich but actually the
country is poor, the same country which was once called as GOLDEN BIRD
and was first discovered by the great Columbus of America, going in
pursuit of same precious Yellow Metal.

From The Land Of Wonders, India : Sandeep Saxena
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Sandeep, so…just where is this river? I’m collecting a pile of scrap
iron as we speak (Dave smiles lustily thinking of gold, GOLD!) Dave

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