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Paragon SC3 Programmable Kiln

I’m looking at this kiln for flask burnout in a small shop. Since the kiln can also be used for PMC, which I have no experience with, would it be advisable to pay a little extra and get the 2x2 glass window in the SC3 door? Is there an advantage to seeing the PMC during firing, or is it not necessary. Old posts say the glass window was only good up to 1700 degree, but Paragon specs say the new glass is guaranteed up to 2300 degrees.

the glass window is useful for enameling and glass bead making. You don’t need a window for any of the metal clays.

I have the SC3 and I leave the glass fiber insert in my window when doing lost wax. I do take it out for PMC or enameling so I can see how things are going without opening the door all the time.

You can also buy a new door if you decide you need it later, but it is not a plug-and-play operation. The hinges have to be drilled and the ball latch needs to be installed as well. You might have to work the fiber surface to fit flush to the face of your kiln.

Thank you for your replies.