Paper on metal

hello all,

i have been reading the digest for a while and have been learning a
great deal from all you wonderful knowledgable folks. thanks to
everyone who takes the time to contribute here!

this is my first time posting, and i’ve done some research regarding
my question via websearches, but haven’t come up with much, so i
thought i’d ask heRe:

i was recently at a craft fair where a seller had some beautiful
work that involved the transfer of paper onto silver such that it
looked like an enamel finish, very shiny and somewhat raised, with
bright and brilliant colors, but with no visible paper edges. i
understand this is done with some kind of epoxy. does anyone know
what kind, or what is involved in the process? how does one keep
from losing the color or pattern in some delicate paper when it
becomes saturated with epoxy? is it 220 epoxy or something else?
how does one file and polish this?

any hints, tips, pointers, or instructional info would be greatly
appreciated - i’m fascinated by this idea but don’t know where to