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Paper hammers

Was: New Members for December 31, 2012


Tell more about “paper hammers” please?


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Denys Knight,

What is a paper hammer? Is it made of paper, or used to pound on

Noralie Katsu

Paper hammers are very similar to a rawhide mallet, only softer. Mine
is one I bought years ago. The head is made of tightly rolled paper,
and is very easy on forming metal, so won’t leave any marks.

Jay Whaley

Paper Hammer for metalsmiths, jewelry designers, delicate metal

If you are looking to own a hammer which has a tightly rolled paper
head, you might want to pull up my website: It tells the entire story.
Great bench tool which does not mar or mark metal.

Thanks, Denys Knight

A few years ago, I bought a number of boxes containing old tools,
some silver, hammers and stakes, enamel powders, pewter sheets and
other odds and ends, all dating back to the 1950’s. I called in
Cynthia Eid to see if she wanted any of the hammers, stakes and odd
items. She identified several hammers that I was not sure what they
were. Turned out they were the old paper hammers. I ended up keeping
most of them, so I have 3 of the paper hammers. One of them had a
rounded end, for forming. She warned me to not let them get wet, so
now all of my paper ends have warnings on them, saying “DO NOT GET
WET!” so that my students in my studio don’t use them on wet metal.
That’s the other thing you have to be careful of, for they cannot
get wet. I kind of hide them when they are around. I get a little
protective with certain hammers.

I also found some hammers that the heads were at a 45 degree angle
whichI think was for boxmaking, and several forming hammers were
modified. One actually had heads welded on, which means they broke
and were weldedback on. I have them on my hammer rack and I enjoy
them as well as use them. I also have some of the hammers with horns
that Alan Revere prefers, and they are old as well. I prefer to use
the older hammers.

Joy and Spike, the resident hedgehog

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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