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Pantograph engraving machine

Pantograph engraving machine, That’s what I’m looking for folk!..
and cheap …under $600?

Any ideas?
Tony Konrath

Attn. Tony are looking for the inside ring engraving machine or a
plain pantograph. In any case price for both is around $675.00. Do
you have the set of letters for these. Usaully prices do not include
letters. Japan & Malaysian machines are good. Avoid any machine from
Eastern Europe.

Kenneth Singh

        Pantograph engraving machine, That's what I'm looking for
folk!... and cheap ...under $600? Any ideas? Tony Konrath 

TONY. I have what your looking for with 3 sets of type call me I
traveling most of the time

Jewels tools
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I am looking for a Pantograph Engraving Machine that can engrave
pieces about 8.5" x 11". Please let me know if anyone has one for
sale. Thank you!

I am looking for a Pantograph Engraving Machine that can engrave
pieces about 8.5" x 11". Please let me know if anyone has one for

Proper engraving machines arnt tools that jewellers normally use.

Your best bet is, having decided what you want to do, Google for
engraving machine suppliers near where you are, then with their
advice, go to Ebay and see whats on offer.

Its virtually impossible to advise you what to get and from where as
you havnt said, wether you want to do 2d or 3d work.

wether its a copy 1 to 1 pantograph, or a reducing one, Using a
spinning tool steel cutter, which needs a special 3 axis precision
grinding machine.

or use a stylus engraving head,
or what material you want to engrave,
or a manually guided,
or computer controlled.

or where in the world you are.

Here in Europe, there are only 3 professional engraving co’s Deckel,
Alexander and Taylor Hobson, Excluding the Jenvior Antique coin
reducing machine.

These start about 1/2 a ton in weight.

There lots of cheaper dog tag type engraving machines used in heel

More info from you please.

Hi Ted,

I’m pretty sure she’s talking about a Hermes type lettering
engraver. They’re desktop pantographs. Weigh about 1 stone or so.
Some have rotating cutterheads, some just drag a diamond tip. But
all they do is lettering and linework. Nothing at all like a Deckel.
8.5x11 is standard US “Letter” paper size. (A short, fat A4.) Which
makes me think she’s thinking about lettering and drawings, rather
than serious machining. Most of them don’t get nearly that large,
but it’s possible that one of the larger ones might. Most of them
are intended for watches/bracelets/trophy plates & etc, so 2x3 is a
more standard size.

To the OP–> it would be most helpful if you told us where you are.
I’m in California, Ted’s in the UK somewhere, and I know there’s at
least one person reading this from the South Pole. Location is
important when one seeks tools.

That said, if anybody near central Ohio wants a Hermes engraver,
I’ve got an old one stored with my folks that I could be persuaded
to part with. (Goo? You reading this? Want it?)


A few months ago, I managed to find a used New Hermes bench-top
pantograph at a yard sale near my home. It was in great condition,
and came with a complete set of letters and numbers. It’s now found a
home in our studio.

One of our more popular workshops is having students take their
signature and pierce/solder their own signature template. Once
they’ve made their signature template, which slides into the
pantograph, they can then sign their names in miniature on their
finished jewelry work. It works really well, and nothing personalizes
your work like having your signature engraved in it!

Jay Whaley