Palladium woes

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else out there has this problem with

On occasion I am asked to solder a platinum crown or bezel into a
palladium band. Soldering platinum to platinum? Not a problem. But
when it’s palladium to platinum I get a pebbly surface on the
palladium before I can get the solder to flow. I’ve tried this with
easy palladium solder, and with 1100 platinum solder as well, with
similar results. The surface is hard to clean up, and I suspect the
integrity of the metal is compromised. I know it can be done, so
apparently there is something I’m doing wrong. I would use 20k white
welding, but the consensus seems to be that the color is wrong and
the weld is not strong.

I will be lobbying against selling palladium married to platinum
until this problem is cleared up.