Palladium casting house

Hello all,

I’m am seeking a casting house that can cast a ring in palladium for
me. The problem I am coming across is I don’t own a business anymore
as I found a job as a goldsmith. I don’t plan on selling the ring as
it is to be my fiance©s wedding ring. Any body know a place that
might be able to help me out?

Thanks in advance
Richard Wiegel

Billanti casting is always happy to work with the individual

Elliot Nesterman

Richard- On your engagement…Mazel Tov! I’m sure she’ll love
what you make for her.

Call Techform Advance in Portland Or. They do our palladium and
platinum casting for us. They really are the international industry
leaders in casting technology. They often contribute to MJSA and are
featured in this month’s issue.

They also offer HIP for their castings which makes for a much
stronger and better product. It’s a high heat and high pressure
treatment they do after casting that collapses any pits and makes the
metal more dense. You have to request it and there is a small extra
fee, but It’s pretty peachy as far as I’m concerned.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

If you are on the West coast and need it in a hurry I’d try Techform
in Oregon (503-652-5224).They specialise in Palladium (compared to
other casting houses) and newer Palladium alloys. Hoover & Strong, On
the East coast has a basic and “improved” alloy and will do one-off
pieces with a turn around of, say, two weeks. Since you are working
as a goldsmith why not tell the boss you need to use the business’
address for a piece you are doing anyway? Did’nt you have accounts
with various businesses before working for someone else (places you
have an account with already that you didn’t close)? I am fairly
certain either place will work with you as an independent regardless
of where you have the casting sent.

However, Techform has a wider range of Palladium alloys that they
offer ( and understand), and their turn around is faster.:- that
would sway my decision regardless of your address!.There are others
too that work with independents but for the sake of giving you the
two most accessible and cost effective, there you have it!..rer

We, here at Donivan and Maggiora do not cast palladium. But I have
seen Techform’s castings and they were clean and good. My customer,
a novice tech guy, made the wax and had it cast there. This was his
engagement ring My job was to file, set and finish. The job went
well and I’ve kept there contact number when we need this type done.

Ciao from striking SF BART–RRRRRRR!
Jo-Ann MaggioraDonivan