Pale yellow gold

Hi Orchid, I have a customer wanting a ring in “pale yellow” gold.
Is there a 14k alloy recipe for this? or even better would be sheet
already available from one of the metals suppliers.

any help would be great.

If you look at the wikipedia page for gold, there is a diagram for
colour in alloys of gold, silver and copper. As 14ct is a over 50%
gold, you’d want only a small amount of copper - but you’ll probably
want to include copper, as just using an Au-Ag alloy will probably
be too soft. Of course, there are all sorts of other whitening
alloys you can use, like gold-palladium, but be careful, because a
small amount of Pd can make the alloy very white; i’ve added Pd to a
normal 22ct yellow alloy before, to turn it into 18ct white, and it
was very, very white!

Jamie Hall

United Refining (1-800-999-fine) has alloys for just about any shade
of gold you want to make and they will help you make the right choice
if you call them.