Painting on silk. 95 years old

I had an honour to have my Darling Mother (who with a physical disability) to achieve great things in her life.
In lieu of being crippled at birth, nothing stopped her in creating these two paintings on silk.
To the best of my ability, these each are about 95 years old.
She wrote her life history on a typewriter, using only one finger.
No matter what (dis)ability you have, ignore it and forge ahead.
I’m speaking from personal experience, I’m a “Happy Dyslexic”! Nothing has stopped me from writing tutorial-essays.
These hand-painted silk patterns are a testament that there is no such thing as a disability. “It’s only another form of an ability”.
Ask Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell. Whoopi Goldberg & Tom Cruise.
They all are Dyslexic and enjoying their lives with their “abilities”.
Google people with Dyslexia the list is enormous.




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These are beautiful!
Add me to the Happy Dyslexics list!
I’m learning that if you want to do something badly enough, go for it and disabilities be damned!
Feel good!


Wow! She sure had a talent.

Kreder9277 & all.
There is no such thing as a disability, it’s just another form of ability. My Mother & my Dad left ‘us’ both from a car accident. What they left my sister and me are reams of interesting facts to share with you. My Dad was the originator of bringing Industrial Diamonds into the North American industry, to be used for sharpening grinding wheels. This was totally unheard of before. If you go to my Diamond Setting blog there is an essay describing his story.

Gerry, Thank you for all you have shared. I greatly benefited from it.

Wow, Gerry, what awesome talent your mom had! So good to see people keep family creations like this - helps us know where we came from and what we are capable of.

Hi Craig and everyone!
What a wonderful email that you sent to me. I thank you so kindly. Some families have no history to remember, why? 6 Millions of “us” had those histories cut short by the Holocaust, thankfully my Parent’s history is kept “alive” by actual items. I even have my parent’s very own pair of candle-sticks circa 1934, that they used and now we use for inaugurating the Sabbath on Friday nights. I have so many items that there are enough to fill 10 suitcases. I’m sharing “their items” as I’m writing this letter to you, now between 3 generations.
What are they?
My Parent’s formal wedding pictures, circa 1934. My Father’s handwritten life history from Poland & Belgium circa 1930 and my Mothers own hand-typed life history in England 1932.
I’m doing the same for my daughters and my grandchildren. I’m writing my history for them to know “who we are and where we came from”.
As my immediate family has serious health problems they MUST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE. As I am Dyslexic they must also know how to work with it, if they have this “ability”. If not for me, how will they learn to deal with them?
If you and anyone want to learn more about my Dad and what he contributed to the Diamond Industry in North America, just go to my Diamond Setting blog. That essay is dated June 10th, 2019.

Regards to everyone…Gerry!

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